Our Rooms

We provide a quiet and peaceful space for the talking therapies with rooms that are attractively decorated and well-maintained.

As they differ in size, there are slight variations in what they offer and this is reflected in the fees charged.

Two of the therapy rooms contain a couch as well as 3 chairs, which make it possible to work with couples, or small groups in addition to individuals.

Room 3 opens onto a courtyard garden, and room 2 onto an adjoining small patio with plants. 

Each room has plenty of natural light and Wi-Fi.

Therapy rooms for rent in Clifton Down, Bristol

Room 1

Room 1 is a cosy room with a bay window and several plants. This is our most affordably priced room.

There are two chairs, plus two folding chairs stored in a large  built-in cupboard.

There is Wi-Fi, a fan, tea-making equipment, coffee tables and room alarm.

Booking and rates information.

Room 2

Room 2 is a peaceful room with an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

There are 3 chairs and a couch plus an extra folding chair (more could be supplied if needed).

A single glass door opens onto an outside patio with plants.

There is Wi-Fi, a fan, tea-making equipment, coffee tables, a cupboard, wall shelving, and room alarm.

Booking and rates information.

Room 3

Room 3 is our largest room. It is quiet and light with three chairs and a sofa.

There are another two folding chairs stored in  a built-in cupboard that also contains a small sink.

Double glass doors lead to a lovely courtyard garden with outdoor seating.

There is Wi-Fi, a fan, a small desk, tea-making equipment, coffee tables, storage shelving and room alarm.

Booking and rates information.


An attractive, quiet courtyard garden with a table and two chairs.

What our therapists say

I have always had great feedback that it was a place where people felt they could relax into their career coaching with confidence and ease. It is a quiet space with some lovely therapists that work within it.   –   Samantha Holman

“I find the space to be a lovely place to work and always get great feedback from clients about the room and how comfortable and nicely put together it is.”  –  Rachel Lucas

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