COVID 19 Safety Practices

We consider that cooperation between staff, therapists and clients is the optimal way to implement safety practices that minimise the risk of infection with COVID 19 at our premises.

We, as the Clifton Down Therapy Rooms’ staff, aim to communicate clearly about  good hygiene practices and safe distancing. 

We ensure that there is regular thorough cleaning of the premises, with particular attention to the disinfection of surfaces such as doorknobs and chairs.

Hygiene products are supplied to each room and at the entrance into the building.

Therapists are asked to disinfect the client’s chair and air the room after each session, and to disinfect their hands regularly.

Therapists  are also encouraged not to chat with their clients in the corridor.

Clients are asked to be conscious of disinfecting their hands after entering the building or when using the bathroom.

The rooms are large enough  to allow for a two metre distance between the chairs of therapist and client(s).

At times of heightened crisis in the pandemic, therapists and clients are asked to wear masks in the corridor, and to only take these off once in the therapy room.

To date, we have had no reports of infection at our premises.

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