Bookings & Rates

Rental slots & payment

Our therapy room rental booking system is based on 3 to 4 hour rental slots;

Morning slot 4 hrs    –   9am – 1pm  
Afternoon slot 4 hrs  –  1.30pm –  5.30pm
Evening slot   3 hrs    –   6pm – 9pm

  • Slots are booked on an ongoing basis with a one month notice period to terminate.
  • There is a 30mins change-over time in between morning, afternoon and evening slots, so that therapists can arrive and leave without stress.
  • It is possible to arrange with the manager to see clients outside the standard hours, for instance if you would like to start at 8.00am.
  • The monthly rental fee is payable in advance by standing order at the beginning of each month.

Once you have committed to one or more slots, you will gain access to our calendar and will be able to make ad hoc bookings for any occasional extra hours at the standard rate.

Rates for therapy room rental in Bristol

The varying sizes and facilities of each room is reflected in the rental fees.

Room 1

£6.50 per hour
£26 for a 4 hour slot
£19.50 for a 3 hour slot

Room 2

£7.50 per hour
£30 for a 4 hour slot
£22.50 for a 3 hour slot

Room 3

£8 per hour
£32 for a 4 hour slot
£24 for a 3 hour slot


Discounts based on the number of slots taken: we offer a discount of £1 per hour when you book three or more slots on an on-going basis.

Student discounts: we offer a £1 per hour reduction to those who are still in training

If you are building up a new practice you can discuss this with our manager and ask for a temporary reduction in the number of hours in a slot.

Ad hoc rental and payment

It is possible to rent occasional ad hoc hours  for those who are intending to build up to a full morning, afternoon and evening slot in due course.

The rates are as follows:
Room 1  £7.50 per hour
Room 2  £8.50 per hour
Room 3  £9 per hour

We offer a £1 student discount.

Payment needs to be made  upon booking and  is non-refundable for cancellations within 48 hours of the booking.

What our therapists say

Marga Van Vuuren

“I have been renting therapy rooms at 45 Alma Vale Road for over 10 years now and both my clients and I have found it a very useful and appropriate space.

It is nicely decorated and very secure and private. The management is always at hand and responsive if anything is ever needed, and it is very well located, with a train and bus connections in walking distance.

Room costs are reasonable, and it is an overall lovely place to work at.”

Samantha Holman

“I have been renting a room at Clifton Down Therapy Rooms for many years and have always found it an easy process, with great communication and a shared diary, and lovely clean fresh rooms.”

Frances Ross

“45 Alma Vale Rd has been a peaceful and pleasant place to work, with a community atmosphere that is warm and friendly. Kunderke and her office manager are delightful to work with. Room 3 with its little garden outside has a lovely feel to it.”

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